Friday, January 31, 2014

The 2014 New Releases Are Here!

Hello Stitch Friends,

Today is the 31st of January in New Zealand and I am so happy to finally be able to show you the three new homestitchness designs that I've been working on over the past several months! Currently they are available exclusively through the homestitchness Etsy shop. If you can't pick a favourite and would like to stitch more than one design, I have included a couple of pattern bundle listings so that you can purchase two or three charts at discounted prices.

The Home Collection cross stitch designs by homestitchness

Together these three designs make up 'The Home Collection' and look lovely on display by themselves, in a pair or as a trio. I thought I would share with you below the inspiration behind them all. As you will have noticed by my original releases, I love cottages - especially the classic New Zealand Villa - but I'm also very interested in interior design and the pretty things we surround ourselves with, that make a house a HOME. 

Bless Our Home

I love hydrangeas so much and miss the huge blooms that flourish in New Zealand's climate. Where we live in the USA, the cold winters prevent hydrangeas from growing very big. The white hydrangeas are by far the most suitable for our zone... however the blue flowers are my favourite!

Bless Our Home cross stitch design by homestitchness

I love the look of cut hydrangeas in a vase and this design was inspired by the iconic New Zealand Crown Lynn Swan - I admire the simple elegance those vases bring to a room. I chose the phrase 'Bless Our Home' to accompany the design as the phrase has such a peaceful sound to it and I often pray those three little words over our family home.

Home Sweet Home

I am always inspired by pretty colours, gorgeous fabrics and classic patterns. Needless to say, I absolutely adore patchwork quilts! I have dabbled in patchwork a little in the past and it is on my list of personal goals to make a huge quilt one day... however it seems like such a huge project to take on, I'm sure it will take me quite a while! In the meantime, I have designed and made a cross stitch quilt :o)

Home Sweet Home cross stitch design by homestitchness
To me, quilts are all about feeling comfortable and cosy at home and appreciating the love that is poured into creating something special for your family. I felt the phrase 'Home Sweet Home' was perfect for this design and I personalised it by adding 'EST. ♥ 2002' as that is the year my husband and I got married. If you don't have a particular date in mind to personalise the design with, you could always put your initials and the year you stitched the design, which is very traditional.


This pretty little tea party scene was inspired by my eclectic collection of china and such. We all want to create a warm and inviting home to welcome friends and family alike and what better way to do so than with tea and refreshments! 

Welcome cross stitch design by homestitchness

The tea cup and saucer is inspired by the distinctive tulip shape of the Crown Lynn Colour Glaze collection and the little jug is very reminiscent of Cornish Ware. I love tea cosies and again - I am wanting to make one just like this one, with crocheted roses on top - but for now I have stitched it instead :o) I felt the word 'Welcome' perfectly summed up this design that I imagine will look lovely on display in kitchens everywhere.

So, there you have it - the 2014 homestitchness new design releases! Which one is your favourite? Do tell :o)

Jenny x

Friday, January 24, 2014

Coming Soon...

Hello and HAPPY 2014!!!

I hope the new year is off to a great start for you all, wherever you live... I have been missing the NZ summer lately as it has been REALLY cold in our part of the States this winter. However, it is definitely good crafting weather and I've enjoyed spending my evenings curled up on a comfy chair, working on the latest homestitchness designs that are due for release VERY SOON! 

The Home Collection by homestitchness

If you follow homestitchness on Facebook, you might have noticed that I've been posting a few sneak peeks that give away some clues about the new designs. I'm pretty excited about them - they are a set of three small designs that fit perfectly in a 6"/15cm embroidery hoop so that they can be displayed as hoop wall art when you're finished. They look lovely by themselves, in a pair or as a trio - it will be up to you how many you want to stitch! The designs celebrate the affection we feel toward our homes and feature some of the lovely things we fill them with to make them our own. While there are some definite New Zealand influences in the mix, they are pretty universal and will (hopefully!) appeal to stitchers everywhere. Here is a photo of the gorgeous DMC threads I have chosen for the designs - with so many beautiful colours to choose from, it is definitely one of my favourite steps in the design process!

The Home Collection DMC thread colours
Colour combinations for the new homestitchness patterns & kits

I will be back soon to show you the new releases :o) In the meantime I had better get back to pattern proofing while my little boy naps!

Jenny x