Thursday, June 6, 2013

A small correction...


It's been a while since I last posted, but it has been lovely to receive some positive feedback lately from a few of you who have been in touch recently. One stitcher kindly emailed and let me know that she felt something was missing in the instructions for:
The Classic Kiwi Bach

I checked it out and found that there was indeed something missing, and while closely examining the chart I also found another small (directly related) detail that I'd missed as well! Oh dear :o( Even though I proofed the charts and corresponding instructions over and over and OVER again before printing... sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to notice such things! I am very grateful that she drew my attention to it so I can publish a correction for anyone else who may have just purchased the pattern.

After listing instructions for all aspects of the design that aren't done in regular cross stitch, I forgot to include how to stitch the stars on the New Zealand flag. And I forgot to indicate the red cross stitches in the middle of each star on the actual pattern.

Here are the instructions that should have been included:

Use 2 strands of Pohutukawa Red (3777) to cross stitch the centre and straight stitch the outlines of each star on the flag, as shown in the five step diagram below:

Star Correction for The Classic Kiwi Bach

I hope this information makes things a little clearer, I feel a bit silly that I made the mistake but I'd rather know about it than not. I really hope this omission hasn't caused anyone a whole lot of unpicking and if so, I do apologise! 

Thanks for your understanding,

Jenny x


  1. Hi Jenny. I am also stitching the Kiwi crib (it's got to be a crib!). I've finished the house and lawn, and had started on the flag when I noticed that the stars weren't quite right. Thank you very much for this correction.

    I'm really enjoying the pattern and it's coming together pretty well I think (though the lawn petering out put me through my paces a bit). Ah well, I guess I've got no excuses now, back to the flag I go!



  2. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks so much for your comment - I'm glad you visited the website so you could see the correction! I really appreciate your positive feedback and am happy to hear that you are enjoying stitching the Kiwi CRIB :o) I had to smile when you said that about the lawn petering out - there were moments I felt the very same way while I was working on the grass for the model! :o)

    Thanks again for getting in touch,


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