Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Giveaway WINNERS:

Firstly, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who entered the first ever homestitchness giveaway! Some of you I know personally, some of you I am familiar with your lovely blogs and others were completely new names and faces to me! I have been to check out your creative spaces and I look forward to getting to know you better! :o) It was also really good to get a bit of an overview as to what your favourite homestitchness designs are. I am considering offering them for sale as kits as well as individual patterns in my Etsy Shop, so I will keep you posted about that...

Alrighty, without any further ado...

FIRST PRIZE for the closest guess goes to Tracey ('Borgessa') who guessed 743 buttons! Congratulations, Tracey! I will be in touch with you by email to see if you would prefer aida or linen for your Four Seasons in New Zealand kit :o)
The actual number of buttons in my order was:
- 771 - 
I know - can you believe that? When they arrived in the mail I took one look at them all packaged in a little ziplock bag and thought "Oh, there can't possibly be over 700 buttons in there..." 

SECOND PRIZE goes to Trish Isaac who shared the giveaway on her Facebook page! Congratulations, Trish! I will be in touch with you by email so I can send you your new pattern :o)

Special thanks to those of you who did share the giveaway on their blog or Facebook page! A couple of you even shared it on Twitter too, so I included you in the draw for going the extra mile :o)

homestitchness giveaway
My little helper was on hand to help draw the second prize winner!
I will be back soon to share the little project I've been working on (I published a sneak peek of it here if you haven't seen it already) and will be publishing the pattern for you all as a little gift of appreciation for your interest in homestitchness.

Jenny x

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  1. Oh my thank you so much - I can't believe I won :) They are all such lovely designs it was hard to choose. This was fun! Who'd have thought there was so many wee stars there.

    Thanks again Jenny and congrats to Trish also :)


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